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Please tell me some positive ideas that will help me in coping with divorce?

Please tell me some positive ideas that will help me in coping with divorce?

2 Answers

JamesN Answered:

Getting divorced is like having your heart ripped out without anaesthetic. I know because I have been through it. You have to go through the stages of grief and allow yourself to mourn, be kind to yourself, and look after yourself. Eat well and exercise even when you really don’t feel like it. Spend time in prayer or meditating to rebuild your spirit, as it will have taken a real knock too, and you will be feeling very hurt and vulnerable. Talk to someone sympathetic if you can. Try not to argue with your ex-spouse or allow them to continue to upset you. Try to take an emotional step back from the situation. And keep reminding yourself that it will eventually pass and you will feel whole again one day.

CUEVAS Answered:

The most important tool to utilize as you approach the likelihood of divorce is attending to self-care needs. Adequate rest, nutrition, exercise, and conversation are important self-help facets. Religious practice, prayer, and the like me be very helpful in cultivating peace if you are open to such things. A therapeutic relationship with a counselor is vital too. Do not wait until the pain is overwhelming before getting help. Ultimately, it may be helpful to get away – as in vacation – if the space and time are available.

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