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How can I make my unhappy wife feel good?

Answers (8)

Anny777 said on
Well, you know her better and you should ask yourself first is there a specific reason for her unhapiness, has something happened rescently that make her unhappy or it's just a bad mood for the moment. Women are moody, it's a fact. If it's not anything serious bothering her, make her a compliment, notice her new hairstyle, hold her in your arms, feel her, kiss her, look her in the eyes and tell her how beautiful she is :)

condogroup said on May 22

Totally agree with you
Christie said on
I always say that there's no better way of knowing what somebody wants than to ask them. You can take a guess, but those guesses may not fulfill all her needs. Ask her what it is that she needs from you and try t provide her with that as best as you possibly can. She married you fora reason, and theres a reason why she's still there even though she's unhappy.
CUEVAS said on
You can’t. Although we all wish we had the power to help our partners work through unhappiness, depression, and the like, it is always up to the individual to practice the kinds of self-care that can help the individual through the distress. That said, we must be empathetic and offer support to our partners when the duress is deepening. Specifically, create time and space to hear our loved one’s concerns and troubles is vital. Further, we can offer to do “the little” things like cooking and cleaning to give our beloved ones an opportunity to double-down on self-care.
Hannah said on
Yes, you can't make her happy. We are all responsible for our own happiness. What you can surely do is make efforts to sweeten your relationship with her. Add romance, make time for her every single day. All couples need to invest time and effort in each other.
rainstarry said on
Ask your wife what is it that makes her feel unhappy. It might take some time for her to open up about the problems, but if you ask her with sincerity and a gentle, understanding tone, she will eventually let you in on the thing that is upsetting her. Be prepared for any type of response - it could be about something that you have done recently and didn't know. It could also be something else that is making her upset. What is important is to make sure that you are sincere in knowing about her problems, and that you don't always have to help her solve the problem unless she asks you to.
anthonyjones said on
Yes, agree with the rest. Ask her why she is upset, and then do your best to rememdy the situation. Try to cheer her up by doing nice things for her, such as bringing her out to watch a light-hearted comedy, or cooking a meal for her. She might just need a listening ear too, so just be there for her as she tells you what has been ailing her heart.
LovelyDay said on
New Italian shoes can make her smile for a moment :)) Seriously, maybe she is passing through a period when she is making a recapitulation of her life and her expectations for that stage of her life does not meet in reality. Being a housewife instead of a succeeding professional may not be her idea of happiness. I'm just guessing here, first thing you need to do is talk with her and it's better when initiating the conversation to have something sparkling for her :))
johnperes said on
Look, you know your wife better than us. But still, I want to advise you to take her for  outing, do something special out there and show your love to her.  Then, do the sweet talking and ask her indirectly  Why she is unhappy?  
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