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How to save your relationship with your boyfriend?

How to save your relationship with your boyfriend?

2 Answers

JamesN Answered:

Hard as it is, it is better to discover that you shouldn't be in the reltionship before you get married. I wish that I had heeded the red flags before I was married, instead of having to deal with them when we were married and there were children. This does not mean that your relationship is over. Will your boyfriend go with you to counselling? It is great that you want to fix the problems now, and I think it shows maturity and commitment.

CUEVAS Answered:

The first question to ask is, “Does my boyfriend still want to be a part of the relationship?” As painful as may be to accept, you cannot WILL your beloved to stay in a relationship that he no longer wants to be a part of any more. That said, if you are at fault for the demise of your relationship because of some type of inappropriate act, you should seek forgiveness and inquire as to whether or not a restoration of the relationship is a possibility. If the answer is no, take care of yourself and recognize that there may be other relationships in the future.

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