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How should I solve my common problems in marriage?

How should I solve my common problems in marriage?

2 Answers

Pepper Answered:

The most common problems in marriage are not setting boundaries, lack of respect, selfishness, lack of affection, explosive anger, poor communication, addictions, laziness, dishonesty and others. Knowing that other couples face similar problems may help you not to feel alone. Try to work together to solve the problem instead of fighting against each other.

CUEVAS Answered:

Communication is the key to working through common marriage problems. Partners must be willing to articulate and troubleshot issues before they become taxing. When communication has declined in a relationship, it is vital to seek the assistance of a neutral third party. A counselor or religious worker may be able to provide the insight needed to work through the issues. Do not wait until marital problems are overwhelming before you seek insight from a counselor.

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