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What are anger management counseling techniques?

What are anger management counseling techniques?

4 Answers

Marriage_com Answered:

Generally, anger management counseling techniques require a willingness to “stick with it” on the part of the individual wrestling with anger. A treatment approach is listed below, while not exhaustive, will help the angered individual work toward recovery. Identify one or more of the 10 types of anger that personally applies.Recognize the signs, symptoms, and impact of anger. Identify impaired thinking that promotes anger.Learn strategies to manage anger more effectively. Learn the difference between healthy and unhealthy anger. Reduce the body tension of anger by learning de-escalation (isometric/deep-breathing techniques). Learn conflict resolution skills.

Christoph345 Answered:

It's about learning how to control your emotionals to prevent an outburst from escalating to violence. Anger management is usually recommended to individuals who frequently have these outburts, and have hurt family and friends in the process. The counsellor is trained in a variety of techniques and will recommend them according to the person's personality. But if you would like do some self-controlling, try these tips from the Mayo Clinic.

Redrice89 Answered:

These are techniques used to control your anger in any given situation. The members above have already listed them out for you. If you're still curious and want to see how the techniques are put into action, try watching this movie called 'Anger Management' which basically follows the life of a man who has anger issues and observes how he overcomes them with couselling. Anger management is a popular therapy now, sometimes even implemented for criminal cases.

Pepper Answered:

Anger is normal and anger management is not about suppressing it. It is about learning to control it and using it to get positive results. First, try to discover if anger is covering up other emotions, like hurt or insecurity or fear. Secondly, become aware of the signs that you are getting angry. Learn ways to cool off and find other ways to express your anger. Talk about what makes you angry at a time when you are not angry.

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