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Will it be fair if I file for divorce?

My huby is flirting with other woman, and has a bad drinking habit that makes him sleep over.
He destroys my belongings and says that he likes me naturally.
He even cut my hair while I was pregnant saying that I don't have to make my hair the way I did it.
He droped me off his car while he was on his way to work.
He once again beat me up insulting me, and he also used to beat me up and my unborn child before the 2nd one was born.
Do I deserve to be with this person? Please be fair and advice me!

4 Answers


If you want to do that, then off course it'll be fair. It's totally depend on you. But before doing anything regarding this, Please discuss with your hubby first. Because whatever you two do, all effect will go on your loving child.


As far I can comprehend your problem, the first thing you should do is to hire a lawyer. The lawyer will lay down a number of legal paths in front of you to proceed with. It is definitely going a long way if you finally decide to file for a divorce. During the period in which the case would be going on in court, you should live separately from your husband. For the house, I can give a suggestion. You may sell it and divide the amount equally. But I can not really understand what you wanted to say in the case of car, it was very much ambigious for me to comprehend. Legal process will be tedious and frustrating sometimes, but it will definitely fetch you what you deserve to get after the division of all the movable and unmovable property. Another thing, you must get the lawyer before breaking the news of possible divorce to your husband.


We are married in community of property , so biggest challenge is the division of property. We have a bound that is paid by him that goes through my account,this bond is a joint income property,so my problem is who will take over the house.I was granted a loan and I bought a taxi and claims that it is nt mine,he will be always telling me that the other car is not mine. I'm really confused.


The way you described things, it is too much. Like if word to word of what you said is actually happening to you, you really shouldn't be living with this person anymore. Violence never constitutes a healthy marriage life and you should not let yourself fall prey to it. Whatever I say or suggest, ultimately it is going to be your decision whether to live with this person or not. You are your own master. You must take the decision yourself because it is you who know the situation most clearly. Another thing, I really don't think you need to justify things to people if you file for a divorce as again, it is your decision!

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