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Why do I have marriage problems? Is it okay to have them?

Why do I have marriage problems? Is it okay to have them?

4 Answers

Luke098 Answered:

If a couple says they have no problems in their marriage, they're lying. Every couple experiences conflict and issues at some point. How you deal with them is indicative of how strong the marriage is.

Sydney Answered:

Conflict can be sanctifyig if we fight fair. Conflict can be good! Use words that are honest but not cruel when you disagree. Clearly communicate your frustrations without getting mean.

William Answered:

Marriage problems are ok and natural. Conflict is essential to healthy relationships - healthy marriages work through things. If we pretend to dismiss issues, we harbor bitterness for our spouse.

Marriage_com Answered:

If you feel that you have problems in your marriage, it is important to establish in your own mind whether or not these problems are the normal inevitable struggles which occur in every marriage, or whether they are over and above the normal struggles. One way of gauging this is by asking yourself if there has been any progress over time. Do you still fight about the same things all the time without reaching any solution? Or have you solved some issues, moved on and are now dealing with different issues? Another important question is whether there is a willingness in both husband and wife to deal with issues, or is there a one-sided attempt to address the problems in your marriage.

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