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Should same sex marriage be legalised globally?

Answers (10)

kleonrose said on
I believe that it should. People should have the right to marry and love who they love, not just in the US, but all over the world. With the exception of underaged children and animals. The law needs to be fair and the same for all adult human beings. It is their choice who they want to be with, so we should allow them that oppurtunity.

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Amy508 said on
While I am 100% for gay marriages and gay love, some countries are simply not ready to accept such a major change. Especially the countries that have a deep history with religion. Some countries are so against gays just being together that they murder them. It's a very sad situation being that we're in 2015 but it is true.
Anny777 said on
Love should be supported in all ways :) Though I agree with Amy508 that some deeply religious countries are far away from accepting such unions I support free will and the right to marry your beloved soul.
TheDetailedDiva said on
For me, the answer is yes. One group should not be denied access to one thing while another group is denied that same access. Period. If ever there were a compelling reason other than religion to ban such access then I would listen to the argument with an open mind.
MichelleM said on
Yes. While we all have our opinions on the subject, either for or against, we don´t have the right to make decisions for other people. I feel that everyone should have the option to choose for themselves. The thought that a country or religious group has the right to take the decision out of an individual´s hands is wrong to me. One of my nieces is gay and I beleive she is as entitled to marriage and children as my other nieces who are in different-sex relationships.
Walcott said on
This is a tough question to answer. It depends on one’s personal beliefs and standards. Some people believe it should and that it would remain completely unfair not to because it is ripping someone away from their personal right. Others believe that same sex marriage is against their values and that marriage should only be between a man and a woman. This is such a hot topic in the media today and it is not a question that can be given a simple answer, but rather in fact, a very complex one. It is difficult for many to say which is the right answer to give on this issue.
USCMiguel said on
On one hand I would immediately agree that same sex marriage should be legalized globally. On the other hand, I can’t help but think of the repercussions that would be involved with declaring such a human right at a global scale.

For instance, same sex relationships in Russia today are seen as abominations. Gay men are often assaulted in the streets for holding the hand of another man. It’s seen as a dishonor to their nation and history.

Other third world countries would take it to more extreme measures.

f women can be killed via stoning on the street corner where anyone can witness for dressing provocatively, imagine what they will do to two men or two women who want to marry. And by provocatively I meant, showing her ankles in public or not covering her face.

It’s one thing to want to legalize same sex marriage globally but it’s an entirely different issue to provide protection or asylum for those people who will be murdered, injured or exiled for their sexual orientation.
rainstarry said on
Yes, it should. I also believe that slowly and steadily, it will be legalised globally. Same-sex partners deserve the same marital rights as anyone else, and it is a shame that culture and tradition has disapproved and oppressed these people. While the legalisation may encourage more people to come out as gay, it is certainly better than having them hide their true gender identities and living in fear of being ostracized.
redrice89 said on
I am not gay, but I do have friends who are. I sincerely hope that one day my friends can one day marry and affirm their love in the eyes of the law. It was a momentous time when the USA legalised same-sex marriage in all its states, but I think that going slow and steady might be the right strategy, instead of putting the ideas and notions in other people's faces. There is definately a resistance to same-sex relationships, much less marriages.
LovelyDay said on
Same sex love have deep roots in acient history and deserves its equel place next to straight lovers to stand proudly married worldwide.
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