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Is horoscope compatibility important for marriage?

Answers (9)

kleonrose said on
To some people it can be, but to the majority of existing couples horoscope compatibilty isn't that important. As long as twpeople believe in their relationship and want it to work, it should'nt need the compatibility of horoscopes to let it be happy and long lasting. You do however need to be at least a little compatible.
Amy508 said on
Compatibility on a whole is very important in a relationship. Things will not work if you and your partner don't get along, can't compormise or come to any kind of concensus. Using horoscope compatibility however, is a different story because it has not been scientifically proven to be true.
TheDetailedDiva said on
I would never say that horoscope compatibility is important for marriage, but at the same time I have always been amazed at how accurate compatibility claims were for the men I dated. I would go out with a man and we just would not click. The energy between us was really strained or tense and then I would find out his sign and it was always the signs I was not supposed to be compatible with. Bottom line, I think there are more important things to keep in mind besides a horoscope especially when we’re talking about marriage, but it ultimately depends on the person’s belief system.
Walcott said on
The importance of horoscope compatibility for your marriage, depends on if you believe it is. Some people think it can say a lot about your marriage and help a great deal to gain insight into different areas of your relationship. But, others may say it is very challenging and difficult to bring something like horoscope compatibility into your relationship to determine much substantial about it. Horoscopes can be limited in nature and can steer you in a direction that you may not normally go, or could lead you in a direction that opens your eyes to something new about your marriage. To say that it is important for your marriage is a strong statement though.
USCMiguel said on
For a marriage to have any degree of success it must have compatibility. However, I don’t believe horoscopes have anything to do with a marriage. Yes, there are hundreds of people who read their horoscopes every morning and they go about their day waiting for that moment that their horoscope forecasted. For many, a horoscope sets the mood and theme for the day. This is silly in itself. Marriage compatibility is more influenced by where the person was born, their culture and most of all their personality. Unlike horoscopes, subjects such as religion, socio economic status, and intelligence are much more relevant for marriage compatibility. A horoscope will never have the influence of setting the mood and theme for a marriage.
rainstarry said on
There are many factors important for marriage, and horoscope compatibility might be one of them, depending on your culture. Sometimes people might find that personality compatibility is more accurate and does not categorize a person into a fixed character, which is important because everyone is different and unique. In conclusion, it can be helpful to enlist the help of horoscopes, but don't make it the be all and end all of relationships.
LindaL said on
Horoscope compatibility can save you lots of disappoinments later if you take it seriously :)
redrice89 said on
Personally, I do have an interest in horoscope compatibility and I found that when I was dating, I would always feverishly check up on my date. This of course happened to my husband too. I will say that while this is an interesting project, it is not that important at all for a marriage. If two people are dedicated to each other amd understand each other well, then there is no reason to forgo a relationship just because of an incompatibility in the horoscope.
LovelyDay said on
I believe so. Actually horoscope compatibility is important for every kind of relationship we have - love, professional, emotional, family, anything :) it's up to you shall you pay attention to this information or not. And we need to make it clear - Astrology and meaningful horoscopes are not what you read on the pages of daily newspapers!
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