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Does relationship tests really test a couples compatibility?

Does relationship tests really test a couples compatibility?

5 Answers

Redrice89 Answered:

Certified psychological tests are definitely capable of testing a couple's compatibility, akin to astrological compatibility assessment, but using science to determine the results. Usually the tests are based on the personality type of each person. Those online fun quizzes won'tdo because they do not consider all aspects of each person's personality. However, the real test is the marriage itself, because in the end, the test results are just on a piece of paper!

Crystalbella Answered:

A marriage is a test of it's own. This is especially so for the first few years perhaps, as the couple learn how to adapt to the habits of not just their spouse but also their's spouse's family's expectations of them. It can be a very trying moment that truly makes or breaks a relationship.

Tolbert Answered:

Whether relationship tests truly measure how compatible a couple is should really be left to the partnership to decide. Answers to such a test can be extremely subjective and one partner could also answer the question differently than the other, depending on his or her mood, or it could be completely accurate based on total honesty. It really rests on how much the couple trusts each other, their independent responses, the test itself and how accurate it can really measure their specific relationship. Is it possible for it to truly measure their relationship? The couple should take the test on ten different days and times and see how much the answers change or remain the same and then decide.

Charlize Answered:

They do help. Even if it's not real or if you're doing it for fun. It may even bring up topics that you and your partner have not but need to discuss like if you had to live with an in law, whose would it be, or different ways to raise and discipline a child, or what curch you would attend a s a family.

InLoveWithLove Answered:

Yes it can, marriage tests are designed to do that. It shows you how you and partner will work together to overcome certain trials together. Whether you are both cool under pressure, whether he or she will take charge or cower from the problem. It can be a very helpful and insightful tool.

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