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I am pressurized for having a baby. I am trying to conceive. Please give me some tips.

I am pressurized for having a baby. I am trying to conceive. Please give me some tips.

4 Answers

JasenA Answered:

Stress won't help you to get pregnant. You need to explain it to whoever presseurizes you. Share with your doctor or teraphist and if needed ask any of them to talk with the presser. Amy-Kate is right - you shouldn't have a baby to make someone else happy. I hope you get all the help you need to handle the situation.

LindaL Answered:

Stop the rush! Nothing good will follow!

Amy-Kate Answered:

Try to get whoever is putting you under pressure, to bak off. It will only lessen the chances of you falling pregnant. Do not have a baby to make soeone else happy - that is a terrible reason for bringing a tiny baby into the world. Do you want a baby? If you do, see your doctor and check that you are healthy. Figure out when you ovulate. Both of you should cut back on alcohol, eat healthily and get exercise, take extra nutrients like folic acid zinc, calcium and vitamins. Get your husband to void very hot baths as thye can lower sperm count or effectivity.

Stanton Answered:

The fact that you are feeling pressurized could be having an adverse effect on your chances of getting pregnant. Whoever is putting pressure on you needs to realize that this is unfair and unrealistic. Try to relax more and give yourself the time that you need to get pregnant. Get enough exercise, eat healthy foods and make sure you get all the sleep you need. Make sure you don’t drink alcohol, smoke cigarettes or take drugs. Try to have intercourse every second day or at least three times per week. After making love lie still and relax; this greatly increases your chance of getting pregnant.

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