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Tell me some awesome gifts for my girlfriend.

Answers (9)

kleonrose said on
Most girls tend to love makeup, perfume, clothing, bath and body products, bags and shoes. If you arent sure of what exactly to get, ask a sales representative about the best sellers. If you're buying online, get a gift card or voucher that way your girlfriend could pick out what she wants.
Amy508 said on
Depending on the kind of girl she is, consider bringing her somewhere. Like a trip to a vineyard, a weekend stay at a hotel, a concert etc. But make it extra special for her by either giving her a wine bottle named after her, give her a dessert that says her name, ask the band to say that you love between one of their sets.
Stanton said on
The question you need to ask yourself is “what kind of lady is my girlfriend?” Is she a girlie girl who likes pretty things like flowers and perfume and of course chocolates? Or is she a sporty kind of girl who would love a new pair of hockey boots. Or maybe she’s an outdoor nature loving girl who would like to spend her special day outdoors bird-watching with the new bird book you just gave her. You can also think about what is your mgirlfriend’s love language – does she feel loved if you give her expensive gifts, or rather if you spend time with her, or write some heartfelt and affectionate words in a special card which you have made for her yourself?
MarryAnn said on
Get her a beautiful vintage notebook and a pen :) So she could write down her desires and you could fulfill them. One per each day, to make it special! Let it be a small notebook, to put it in her bag. Name it a desire book or magic book, or something like that and give her some time to dream big :) Then you'll see what happens!
TheDetailedDiva said on
Every girl is different. Unfortunately, there is no absolute way for me to know what the perfect gift will be since I don’t know your girlfriend, but I think I can still help out. I would focus on trying to accomplish at least one of these two things: make her feel pretty and/or make her have fun.
USCMiguel said on
Any time you buy a gift for your girlfriend you should always try to engrain that gift in her memory forever.

You should take your girlfriend sky diving as it will be something she will never forget.

Buying her concert tickets to her favorite musical artist would also be memorable.

People always like to go for materialistic items such as clothing and jewelry but the environment in which you place yourself can be so much more important.

Take her somewhere she’s never been or to try a restaurant she’s always wanted to try.
manofhouse said on
Sometimes girlfriends appreciate experiences more than material gifts. Here are some ideas for you.

1. Get her an all day spa treatment.
2. Plan a picnic in a park with all her favourite foods.
3. Go on a short getaway with her to a place she likes.
4. Sing a song that you composed for her.
5. Cook a meal for her.
6. Go on a dancing lesson with her.
anthonyjones said on
Buy her something that she has been wanting for a long time. It could be a nice dress, a pair of shoes, or even a new tech gadget. Also, spend time with her, and show her that you care for her by creating a handmade card or present. It especially shows your sincerity if you present a gift that you took time and effort to make.
LovelyDay said on
Make a special week for her and combine all the ideas here:)) Or get her a puppy, girls love cute babies :)
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