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What are the best gifts for newlyweds?

Answers (5)

Stanton said on
The best gifts for newlyweds would probably be something which they need for their new home; something to use in the kitchen, or something beautiful to hang on the sitting room wall, or perhaps some pretty cushions for the lounge. Or maybe you could give them a gift voucher for a home décor store where they could pick out their own favorite items. Perhaps they need to be treated to a nice meal out and money for a show afterwards. If they love reading and listening to music, you could give them books and CDs of their favorite authors and artists.
TheDetailedDiva said on
I think every newlywed couple is different. My good friend just got married and what they both really wanted instead of gifts was money so they could go on their dream honeymoon. They did register to a couple of usual sites, but they made it very clear on their wedding invitation that they would prefer donations.
msatki said on
The type of wedding gift varies according to the situation of the couple.

If it is young couple, just starting out and moving into a new place, the best gifts would be:


Anything to help them get started in their new life.

For a couple that may have already been living together, they would already have all the household goods.  A proper gift may be cash or help with a honeymoon trip.
rainstarry said on
This really depends on what the couple's personality is. The safest bet is to get vouchers or giftcards from stores that you know the couple is likely to shop at. This can range from clothes to electronics, but a best bet is a home furnishing and appliance store, especially if the couple is starting out with a new home.
itshazyhere said on
Here are my suggestions.

Wine, wedding keepsakes, plants in a nice pot, dining sets, cooking sets, name sign for house, luggage, silk bedsheets, art pieces, TV subscriptions, personalised cutting boards, terry cloth robes, personalised floor rugs, wine glasses, cushions, cooking appliance, tablet, picnic basket, camera lens, small furniture, silverware, stained glass art, DIY craft projects, key holders, vases, cups, shot glasses, mirrors, bath towels.
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