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I think my wife is having an affair!

I've been married to my wife for a year and we dated 4 months before getting married.
Now, I don't know but our relationship has lost the fizz and I find myself to be unhappy with her.
Moreover, I think she's having an affair - she's out mostly- and keeps complaining that she has too much work in the office but I really doubt it.
I know she is also aware that our relationship is not what it used to be.
I have not asked her about who the other guy is and I really don't care.
I think I should end this marriage.
It's clearly not working and making us both want different things.
Please advice me!

2 Answers

Abigail Answered:

It's not wise to presume things. If you have reasons to doubt your wife, then confront her and ask her directly what is going on. If she admits that she is cheating on you, at least you can discuss what she wants out of the marriage. If you both want to end it, then divorce would be best for you both. However, if she is sorry about her behaviour and wants to work on the marriage, then the decision rests on what you want to do. Cheating can cause a lot of hurt and shatter the relationship, but there can still be hope. It may take a while to rebuild the trust but know that it can happen. And has happened with many couples. Try counseling - there are many benefits to it if you wish to consider the latter option.

Rachael Answered:

Speak frankly about these matters with her. Confront her and find out if all this is really happening or is this just a figment of your imagination. A drsatic decision like divorce cannot be taken so easily.... please try and speak with her, remedy matters as much as you can. Still, if all does not seem to work out then you can take a call.right now, it's too soon

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