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Looking for an affordable marriage counseling agency. Please suggest.

Looking for an affordable marriage counseling agency. Please suggest.

3 Answers

Amy-Kate Answered:

If marriage counselling is just too expensive, as your budget is already stretched, then I would look online for help. Some churches or community centres will have free or low-cost counselling available. You could phone an organisation helpline like Lifeline then all you would need to pay for was the phone call. Perhaps you could find a wise friend who would be prepared to mediate and offer advice.

Rycroft Answered:

When you are looking for an affordable marriage counseling agency, you would need to research thoroughly and find out what is available in the area or region in which you live. Often you will find a Christian or church-based service which is willing to be flexible with their charges, depending on your income and the funds that you have available. It is good to ask around and hear from your friends or others you know who have received help, whether they would recommend certain agencies or not. The cost should not be something which prevents you from getting the help you need. So don’t stop looking, asking and searching until you find help – there is help for you.

LoveCoach Answered:

What are your expectations from counseling, and what is affordable for you? I ask because there are many differences between a traditional counselor or therapist and someone that does strategic intervention where in just a weekend, the entire relationship can be transformed, and obviously the price will reflect that. The thing to remember is that if things get better in a weekend, then every other aspect in life will begin to improve immediately, as well! So again, what are your expectations and what is affordable to you? I wish for you a life filled with Gratitude, Abundance, and Passion!

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