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Need some tips on getting pregnant and parenting as well.

Need some tips on getting pregnant and parenting as well.

3 Answers

Anthonyjones Answered:

Getting pregnant in the safe way requires informed advice from your doctor. Don't take any supplements to encourage pregnancy at all, as supplements are not regulated. Make sure you and your partner are relaxed as you go about feverishly attempting to make a baby. It's good to have a support network once you become a parent, with people who are more than willing to help you out with a favour or two regarding your kid (think babysitting). This will greatly help when you need a bit of time to yourself.

Crystalbella Answered:

On getting pregnant, make sure that you have done the proper preparations and created an environment that is conducive for conceiving. Make sure you are ovulating, and that your husband's sperm count is in tiptop condition, and prepare for a wild night of passion. On parenting, it is practical to ensure that you are financially and emotionally prepared to become a parent, because it will be the biggest test of your life for sure. Read up on a lot of parenting books, go for parenting classes and talks, and embrace the life of a 24/7 parent!

Rycroft Answered:

Once you decide you would like to get pregnant, and you are not taking any contraceptives, you would need to have intercourse during the six days of your cycle when it is possible to fall pregnant. These include the five days prior to ovulation and twenty-four hours after ovulation. If you are not exactly sure when ovulation takes place, making love every second day, or at least three times a week is advisable. It is important to relax and not feel stressed or pressured to get pregnant as this can diminish your chances. With regard to parenting, it is good to read recommended parenting books. You could also ask older people you admire and regard as successful parents, what they have learnt and what they would advise about parenting.

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