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What are the best wedding gifts for the groom?

What are the best wedding gifts for the groom?

2 Answers

DiegoM Answered:

Personalise a watch, money clip, cuff links or leather wallet. An engraved commitment band is also a nice idea. Choose something that has to do with a hobby he loves, such as an elegant corkscrew or really nice fishing equipment. Choose something from where you first met or from your first date.

Rycroft Answered:

The best wedding gifts for the groom would depend on his individual personality and his circumstances. Sometimes giving a cash gift would be the most useful especially with all the added expenses surrounding the wedding day. Or if you have a close relationship with the groom, perhaps something more personal which would reflect shared memories and suit his preferences. For example, if the groom enjoys reading you might like to give him a special book or DVD on the husband’s role in marriage. If you know his tastes in music, you could give him a CD of one of his favorite artists.

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