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How does catholic marriage counseling helps in resolving conflicts?

How does catholic marriage counseling helps in resolving conflicts?

2 Answers

PabloZ Answered:

Most religious organisations encourage premarital counselling. They are all different but they aim to help couples talk about issues, such as finances, raising kids, chores, family backgrounds, conflict resolution, and gender roles. They usually give you questionnaires to fill out, which will be discussed afterwards and advice will be offered if necessary.

Ridgeway Answered:

Catholic marriage counseling as well as any other marriage counseling can be a great help in resolving conflicts. Both parties need to acknowledge that they need help and both should be willing to take responsibility for their own behavior without blaming the other one. By allowing the counselor into the conflict situation, an objective viewpoint is possible and this can be very valuable to the couple who are often too closely involved to be able to see what is really going on. When the professional counselor guides them sensitively and gently to face the underlying issues, this can bring about a huge improvement in the relationship.

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