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I am trying to concieve since last few months but no results.Please help.

I am trying to concieve since last few months but no results.Please help.

5 Answers

Itshazyhere Answered:

Make sure that you are in tiptop health and that you do not have fertility problems. This can sometimes be the case as more people are having children at a later stage. Do not worry if you do have one, because there are many medical procedures that can help alleviate the problem of infertility in relation to having a child. See a doctor and get a checkup for both yourself and your spouse right away!

LindaL Answered:

Congratulations on the choice to become a mother! Sometimes it takes more than a couple of months, so don't warry :) It is a good idea to share your desire with your doctor and pass all the tests needed to asure you it'snt a healthy problem,just a matter of time :)

Rainstarry Answered:

First and foremost, it is recommended that you see your regular doctor or gynacologist to find out if you have any fertility issues that might be at the root of the problem. It is usually a better option to get certified medical opinion than to try herbal or alternative remedies that might cause more harm than help your fertility.

Amy-Kate Answered:

I know it sounds ridiculous, but try to relax about conceiving. The more you get stressed, the harder it becomes. Some practical things you can do, are: get a pre-conception check-up; get to know your cycle so you can know when you are most fertile; don't listen to all the old wives' tales about how to fall pregnant as they can just cause more stress; and get as healthy as you can so you can produce a strong, healthy baby when it finally happens.

Ridgeway Answered:

It can be very discouraging and frustrating when you are longing to conceive and month after month it does not happen. Sometimes being stressed and anxious does not help the situation, so try to relax and just making love with your spouse. Stay positive, believing and trusting that in due course you will be rewarded with a precious little one. Concentrate on keeping your body healthy and fit, drink plenty of water and eat fresh fruit and vegetables, and get enough exercise and sleep. Know your ovulation cycle and plan to have sex especially on those days when you are most fertile. Make sure you use a position where the maximum amount of sperm is retained.

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