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Is marriage coaching and marriage counseling different?

Is marriage coaching and marriage counseling different?

3 Answers

Amy-Kate Answered:

To me, marriage coaching means working together on your marriage, with advice from others such as religious organisations, even when there are no specific problems. The motivation is to make a good marriage great and working to make sure your marriage lasts a lifetime. I think that counselling is for when there are problems that the couple cannot resolve and therefore seek outside help to solve them.

Ridgeway Answered:

Marriage coaching is different from marriage counseling in that coaching focuses on developing pragmatic skills such as communication, while counseling addresses specific issues and problems that have arisen. Sometimes coaching and counseling can overlap as deeper issues may need healing before the coaching experience can continue. Some couples will seek counseling only when there is a crisis in their relationship. Others who realize that they have a good relationship which could be even better will seek out a marriage coach to work pro-actively on improving their relationship. Couples who can take advantage of marriage coaching even before they are married will certainly find this beneficial, and will probably reduce the likelihood of needing counseling at a later stage.

LoveCoach Answered:

It depends on who you ask. I am a Relationship Expert specializing in Strategic Intervention. What this means is, I come in and help couples fix the issue at hand immediately, then we can work on some solid maintenance and growth aspects so that the couple can move toward increased intimacy, passion, and trust! Are you interested in having a conversation to learn more?

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