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Is giving cash better than a wedding gift?

Answers (13)

kleonrose said on
These days, many people are starting to believe that it is, mainly because of the financial crisis going on in many countries. Giving money allows the married couple to get whatever they want. They can aslo use that money to cover the cost of the wedding or honeymoon.
Amy508 said on
Not necessarily. Sometimes giving a gift is more appreciated because of the thought behind it. Instead of money which can seem a bit impersonal. Money has no thought process behind it. Some people prefer a well thought out gift, which doesn't have to be expensive at all to a white envelope with some money.
Ridgeway said on
When you are deciding what to give as a wedding gift you would need to consider the situation of the couple who is getting married, as well as your own situation. If your budget is limited then you might choose a small but thoughtful and meaningful gift which you know your friends would appreciate. If the couple already has an established home and everything they need for the kitchen, then you may want to give a monetary gift which they could use for any purpose of their choice. Some couples make it known ahead of time that they would prefer cash, which alleviates your choice in the matter.
RollerCoasterRide said on
I think it depends on the bride and groom. When my husband  and I got married we needed a bunch of stuff for our home so for us it was better to sign up for the registry and have our friends and family get us gifts for the home. Some family members will always give you cash anyway lol
MichelleM said on
No, I think that giving cash seems like an afterthought, as if you couldn´t be bothered to spend the time looking for a gift. To me, a small gift is better than a large cash amount. If you really don´t know what to give the couple, a gift voucher is better than cash. It shows that some thought has gone into it. This gives the couple more freedom to choose exactly what they want but it is still more personal.
MayaPhD said on
Neither cash nor a wedding gift is required for a wedding.  However, most people choose to present the newlyweds with a token of affection which signifies their best wishes for a lifetime of love and happiness for the couple.  If you choose to give a gift, see what the couple needs and/or requests and provide that accordingly with your own desires and budget.  If you know a couple is saving to buy a home or something, giving cash in lieu of a gift is a kind gesture. If you know the couple is setting up a home for the first time, providing necessary household items is also considerate.   Do what feels right for you and honors your friendship with that couple.
LindaL said on
The last wedding I was invited on the couple directly said they prefer cash instead of wedding gifts which made it easier for us all. Sometimes the newlyweds make a wishlist for wedding gifts. If you cannot ask them directly what do they preffer, you may ask someone from their close friends circle about the presents or you may combine with other guests for a special gift :)
crystalbella said on
As they say, cash is king! That's because gifting cash allows the couple to choose an item that would be more beneficial to them, than to have something they might not need. Also, gifting cash might just help them cover the cost of their wedding - we all know how that can damage a bank account.
anthonyjones said on
Yes, of course! I would much rather prefer getting cash so that I buy the item that I want. It's important of course to not hand out a loose stack of cash like you are paying for something at the shop. Rather, get a nice-looking envelope or mini wrapping paper for the cash, and add in a card so as to make it less impersonal.
LovelyDay said on
Make it as you feel it :) If you now that your friends newlyweds need cash (who doesn't :)) give them cash. If you know there is a piece of art they would love to have in their new place - provide it for them, combine with other friends if needed. If you don't know them well to pick a good wedding present for them - ask their best man or maid of honor.
PatriciaWilson said on
Yes,  I think giving cash is best for wedding, so that the bride and groom can buy their own desirable thing.
Passcode said on
Yes, its been practical nowadays to give cash as a wedding gift.
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