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How does family counseling work for problems arising in marriage?

How does family counseling work for problems arising in marriage?

3 Answers

PabloZ Answered:

Family counselling will try to help all members of the family cope with problems in the family arising from conflict, illness, separation, or divorce. It is also advisable when getting married, to help children integrate and form a new family. There may be a lot of anger and resentment to be dealt with.

LoveCoach Answered:

What exactly are the issues that are affecting your marriage? Is there a step child or children that is bringing some distress to the relationship? Perhaps the in-laws? Maybe infidelity or trust issues?

Marriage_com Answered:

Family counselling can be a great way to address problems arising in marriage. Usually the counsellor would see the individuals separately first, so as to get an idea of each person’s views. Once all parties have shared, they will have a session together, where issues can be carefully and constructively put on the table with the counsellor there to guide the conversation. Sometimes it is easier to share deep feelings in the safe environment of the counsellor’s office where you know that you will be heard. The counsellor also serves as an objective “witness”, someone outside of the family who can often see things with more clarity and is able to point out areas that need to be dealt with.

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