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My husband has a bad drinking problem and i don't know how to help him

My husband has a huge drinking problem.
We've been married since 2006 and used to drink back then as well but now over the years, things have gotten worse and he won't stop drinking! I've tried everything - he just does not understand.
He gets so angry and tells me that if I have such a huge problem, then i should leave.
I have a son as well who is just three years old - what can i do to help my husband?

3 Answers

Gabby Answered:

Probably you need to consult a psychologist who will help you convince your husband to undergo treatment.

Graham Answered:

If your husband is a dipsomaniac, then it is a major cause of concern especially when you don't like the habit. You should try making a list of rules to be followed within the boundaries of home. You may fix a couple of days when he may drink in the house if you that is a good number. You should regularly confront with him about the negative side-effects his habit may lead to the regular life of your child. Though, whatever be the case, if it comes to domestic voilence, do report and do not let him hurt you.

You may also consult a doctor who claim to devoid him of the egregious habit. Or a counselor who can put a seed of an idea that may force your husband to save his marriage.

Stacy1982 Answered:

my husband also has a bad drinking habit which makes him say and do stupid things such as lie about small stuff and stay out really late but I still try to deal with it knowing that I hate it and if he does not stop soon I will leave with my kids .

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