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Marriage problem.

I am going to marry within few days but I am very afraid because I had physical relation with my boy friend in the past.
Is it possible for my husband to know about this thing at first night? Please help me by giving suggestion! Kaniz - 29 years old.

2 Answers

Divya Answered:

it beter to keep secret..... becoz it may damage ur married life

Graham Answered:

Read Chronicle of a death foretold by Gabriel Garca Marquez. I don't really know the type of society you live in. Would your husband leave you if he gets to know about your physical relationship with your ex-boyfriend on your first marriage or after? If so, you really need to hide this thing from him, and its really difficult if he is skeptic of things. But still try your best to not let him know. Personally, I do not consider it a big issue but it really depends on your society and culture.

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