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I am very depressed; please help me!

I am going through a very unhappy phase in my life.
My husband just walks in one day and tells me that our relationship is 'not working' anymore.
I asked what went wrong and what was my fault? He told me did not love me anymore and that he does not want to continue with this marriage at all.
He admitted that he's in love with someone else and wants to be with her.
I know this is silly but I still love my husband, who is completely indifferent to me now, and I want it to work.
What should I do? I tried talking, pleading, and everything else but he has become a stone.
Please help me!

1 Answers

Sylvia Answered:

Wake up woman! Pleading with a guy who did not care for you, went away to another woman for no reason at all ? You don't need this. Please be kind to yourself, show some self-respect. Let him go! I know it's easier said than done because you are still in love with that ingrate but he's so selfish and clearly he has made up his mind. Gather yourself, get out of the mess and start afresh. Belive me it will be tough and this advice will not make sense at first but after a while, you will know that a guy who did not treat you nicely did not deserve to be in your life. Something truly beautiful awaits you and I mean it. :) Please try and be happy, do things that make you happy. It will help you get your mind off him.

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