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Are marriage counseling books of some help?

Are marriage counseling books of some help?

8 Answers

Hannah Answered:

A big yes! I personally feel that reading positive books on any subject can influence people in the right direction. Same with marriage counseling books. They motivate and inspire you to do that extra bit in your marriage to enjoy greater happiness and success. It would be even better if you read marriage books with your spouse and share learnings with each other.

JasenA Answered:

Books are good sourse of information. Different people accept different sources of information and if you are the reading kind books can be of help. Others watch movies, attend seminars and help groups and search for counseling. You may combine different ways of selfhelp and make an apointment with a marriage counselor for best results.

Beautifullife Answered:

They say that books open your mind to new ideas and can help you figure out life. It's the same with marriage counselling books. Sometimes marriage can seem like a game where the rules are always changing, but marriage books can give a little bit of perspective and guidelines on how marriage can possibly work.

Lesley Answered:

Self-help books can be of great help with marriage problems or to strengthen a relationship. They can be read alone or together, and discussed. Even if one partner reads the books to find a solution for a specific problem, they will be beneficial. You may still find you want personal marriage counselling to discuss problems, but sometimes it is easier and more private to find a relevant book.

Rainstarry Answered:

Yes! Marriage counselling books are a great resource, especially if they are from well-researched psychiatrists or doctors. Try to find a book which has content that you both feel comfortable with, and does not have a one-sided approach. Do not use the books as weapons to point out each other’s flaws. Instead, have an open mind to learning and building a better marriage. Try reading one chapter of a chosen book together, each night before bed.

SmoothOperator Answered:

Yes, if it is difficult for you to share problems a self-help book can be a good option :)

BookLover4Life Answered:

I'm a huge fan of self-help books! Some are going to be better than others, of course, but I still think that they can be a great resource to at least think about some things that can improve a marriage. Often times couples are reluctant to ask each other some of the more difficult questions. I think if the couple works through a book together it can be a good bonding exercise. A lot of the books nowadays will come with worksheets and exercises the couples can do together or separately. I would definitely give them a shot.

Marriage_com Answered:

There are definitely some marriage counseling books that can help. Some have some great ideas, advice, and techniques that can help you work through things and grow deeper in your relationship. “The Five Love Languages: How to Express Heartfelt Commitment to Your Mate” by Gary D. Chapman, “Things I Wish I’d Known Before We Got Married” by Gary D. Chapman, and “Getting the Love You Want: A Guide for Couples” by Harville Hendricks, PhD are the three listed at the top of the recommendations list. These books can be ones to help you gain more insight and help in your relationship with your spouse.

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