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How to stop marital problems during pregnancy?

How to stop marital problems during pregnancy?

6 Answers

JasenA Answered:

Start attending yoga classes for pregnant women. First yoga can ease your mind and you can meet other women with similar problems or situations. When you higher your energy you can easily see the bigger picture and find a solution hol to stop your marital problems.

Itshazyhere Answered:

With all the hormonal changes during a pregnancy, a woman can find it hard to stop marital problems. In fact, problems cannot be stopped at all. Even if you have decided to spend some time apart, that is a problem in itself.... Some things a pregnant woman can do is to just take things easy and also calm themselves down when they feel that they might flare up. Also, their partners have to be understanding of the changes going on in their pregnant spouse's body, and learn not to flare up too.

Crystalbella Answered:

If you have marital problems, engage the help of a professional marriage therapist or get support from your family and friends. And yes I agree with the others! Take very good care of yourself during your pregnancy. Don't engage in confrontations that could tire you out or worse, involve yourself in violent outbursts that might lead to a miscarriage.

LindaL Answered:

What kind of marital problems are you experiencing? You need to avoid stressfull situations durig pregnancy as much as possible. Search for professional help or ask a dear friend for support. Know also that your overreacting due to higher levels of hormones make things look bigger than they really are. Try to relax, dear Ralfe3 :) It will help ease the situation.

DiegoM Answered:

If you fell pregnant unexpectedly, it could cause problems in your relationship. Either one of you may not be thrilled to be pregnant at this time. If the husband suspects that the wife fell pregnant deliberately without discussing it with him it can lead to serious problems. Even if you both wanted the baby, it can lead to stress. The responsibility can seem overwhelming. Fears of financial commitment can be scary. Difficult childhood may make an adult feel that they are unfit to be a parent. There may be fears of passing on a genetic condition. A husband can feel left-out if the wife is pre-occupied with the pregnancy.

Marriage_com Answered:

There is no way to completely stop problems at any point in a marriage. You can however possibly ask your husband to help you out by trying to keep things low key during the pregnancy. Sit down with some friends and get some advice about how to have plans and communicate effectively with the least amount of stress possible during this time of being pregnant. If you plan things out well and especially for communicating when problems do arise things should be a lot easier but problems will never be gone. Just find ways to handle them when they come up.

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