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Can a relationship therapist improve communication and relationships?

Can a relationship therapist improve communication and relationships?

3 Answers

LuckyInLove Answered:

the point of a relationship therapist is to help couples sort out their issues, whatever they may be, so that they can get back on track to being a healthy happy couple. So I do believe that relationship therapists can help. The two prior post have it pinned down exactly. It helps open up a new path for communication to flow.

InLoveWithLove Answered:

It definitely can, that is why so many couples these days are resorting to using relationship therapists.The therapist can allow you to realize things that you probably wouldn't have if they weren't there to mediate. They can also help you learn how to talk to and understand your partner better.

Marriage_com Answered:

For sure, this is exactly what a relationship therapist helps with through interpersonal therapy. The start of helping in a relationship is through basic communication and relationship skills and making sure those starting points are covered and taken care of. Communication is key in relationships and some of the simplest skills are often not used in partnerships because people either don’t know of them or they do not want to spend the time to try to be able to communicate more effectively. Therapists can help couples to help see these things clearly and learn to use skills they already know or new ones.

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