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What are the best marriage gifts for the bride?

What are the best marriage gifts for the bride?

2 Answers

Halbert Answered:

Marriage gifts that totally rock ones world are really dependent on the bride herself. To find the perfect gift for the bride find the person that really knows her the best if you don’t and dig deep or get her to dig deep and think about her ultimately favorite things in life. What does she like to do the most or collect? What is your favorite color? What is her favorite music? Does she prefer intimate times with those she loves or going out to eat most? Does she enjoy sports or dancing more? Figure out what is most important and special to her and then discover the best gift.

DiegoM Answered:

Do you mean gifts from the groom or from friends? I wasn't sure so I chose gifts in general that I thought the bride would like. A scrapbook of photos and personal items is priceless as it shows you have put love and thought into it. Or a collage of photographs in a decorative frame, ready to be hung up in their new home, is also a lovely idea. If you want something a little more traditional, a really pretty flowery tea set is perfect. Other ideas include jewellery using her birthstone, a gift basket of pamper items, or a voucher for a day at a spa.

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