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Clean Yourself UP!

As my husband is getting closer to his 40th birthday, he is beginning to invest less energy into his appearance when we attend dinner parties.
I know times are changing and the dress codes are easing up a little but we are professionals.
We were in Paris a few days ago and met up with a few friends for dinner.
My husband decides he wanted to wear some jeans and a button up shirt.
The shirt was slightly wrinkled and he needed a shave.
When I walked out the washroom with an elegant dress on, he rudely asked me, “Who was I trying to impress?” Needless to say, he was very well undressed.
Talk about being completely embarrassed.
Is this something normal men go through when they’re approaching 40?

4 Answers

Joshua5 Answered:

Ha ha... Give him this article to read -

The number 1 point says: Take care of your physical appearance! Lol

Veronica_44 Answered:

My husband does not like to shave his beard. He may shave once a week. Do I care, no! Yes, it is irritating beyond all. He doesn’t know what an iron is and doesn’t know how to properly use a comb…hence my sarcasm! My husband is my husband and I love him no matter what.

Op_happy Answered:

Well, I don’t know if I would make such a big deal about his physical appearance. Maybe, he was comfortable and if you were on vacation; it’s about being comfortable.

Gary Answered:

I couldn’t care what my husband left the house in. As long as he is dressed clean.

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