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My husband is so jealous and constantly checks my computer to see who I am chatting too! What can I do?

Recently, a guy who I used to go to school with sent me a friend request on Facebook and a message telling me about what he is doing now.
My husband went crazy and suggested that I was having an affair.
All because the guy put a kiss at the end of his message.
He checks my computer history all the time and points reasons to refuse me to use the computer without him being there.
He keeps on reading my Facebook messages all the time.
I don't know what to do, I love him but his jealousy is seriously spiralling out of control?

1 Answers

Rachael Answered:

Tell him that his behaviour is not acceptable. He needs to trust you if this marriage has to work out. Sit with him and tell him nicely that just because 2 people are married not not mean they don't have any right to a personal life.

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