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My wife's always upset!

My wife's pretty possessive about me and that's making me mad.
Whenever I have to go out with the boys for a drink or two, she gets upset.
If I have a office party in the evening, that makes her upset too because she says 'it happens too often'.
Basically, anything I want to do on my own - she gets upset.
So that means my happiness= her unhappiness.
This is frustrating ! What should I do with her?

1 Answers

Rachael Answered:

Lol! It's funny the way you describe your problem. It happens with some women who are especially insecure about their husbands. Try and have an adult discussion with her on this - ask her why she is being so insecure about you? Explain that you need time for yourself, with your set of freinds. Having a marriage does not mean that 2 people become conjoined twins . You are entitles to your personal life too as much as she is to hers. Encourage her to go out with her friends too....she will understand in time. be partient with her and try to not get frustrated so easily.

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