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How can I make my wife happy?


I am working as a job seeker and I cannot spend much time with her.
So, she feels alone.
She also lives in another state.
She is working with "women's and child development".
Can I make her happy by sending her gifts etc?

9 Answers

Marriage_admin Answered:

Hi, let me try! I am going to giving her flowers.

Graham Answered:

You just need to spend some money.

Samarachick555 Answered:

No, sending her material things will not work. What she needs is time to spend with you. You need to take out some time to see her. Spend some time together, be sure to call her, and talk to her on the phone. You can also video chat at least once a day.

Rajeevazh20 Answered:

Yes you just try it and also make a trip to go outside

Love Me Answered:

If it is possible then go on an outing with her. If you can take out enough time in off days, then you can make her happy.


Replied on Sep 25, 2014

Good thought.
:) :)

Marriage_admin Answered:

Thanks for suggestion. I am trying the same.


Love Me
Replied on Aug 05, 2014

Your most welcome.

Robin Answered:

Try to talk more and more with her.

Jealous_wife Answered:

Staying and keeping your partner happy is more difficult in long-distance relationships. Clearly, it requires more effort but surely it can work. Make sure you stay in touch with your wife at lease twice in a day, discuss her problems and concerns, and share yours too. Just try and be as much connected as you can while giving each other enough space too. Its definetly better than just couriering a gift to her. While occaassionally these things make the other feel special and are quite welcome, but it won't save your relationship if its in trouble. Good luck! I hope you make it work! :)smiley

Green0john Answered:

In case of long distance relationships, the best thing to do is to keep regular communication. Call her at least 3 times a day, so that she does not feel alone. Besides, sending gifts always help, so often send her goodies!

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