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My husband is so damn annoying

My husband is so damn annoying I think I should be given an award to put up with his nonsense.
His untidy habits are driving me nuts; he comes back home after work and makes the whole house a mess.
Even otherwise, he is such an untidy guy.
And I don't buy that all guys are dirty - mine is especially bad! When I tell him to correct himself, he tells me 'take a chill pill, sweetheart'.
There are no 'chill pills' that I can take and really an untidy house disguts me no end.
Some days I get so angry I could beat him up!!!

1 Answers

Graham Answered:

No, all guys are not dirty! Such things are about making your priorities straight. Cleaning might not stand a number in the list of priorities he has. He might be a busy guy. He might take cleaning for granted and think that you will do it. But none of such reasons are justifiable. You need to tell him very clearly that cleaning is important in the house and it is an important issue for you. Just stop doing his things, embarass him in front of kids/relatives. Once, he understands the gravity of issue, he will mend his habits. But still, it isn't going to be easy for you.

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