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Does break up help in moving ahead in life?

Answers (9)

purplerain said on
When you have tried everything possible but the situation doesn´t change it´s better to leave. Soemtimes however it can bring you even further ahead in life when you stick together during hard times.
InLoveWithLove said on
It most defintely can, depending on the kind of relationship you were in. If your partner is holding you back from pursuing your dreams then yes it definitely does. It's never good to be in a relationship that is both controlling and doesn't allow you the freedom to be yourself or live your dreams.
LuckyInLove said on
Sometimes break ups can hold you back. You become so depressed that your past relationship is all you can think about. It can incapacitate you, at which point you need to rely heavily on your support system (your friends and family) to help you move on with your life. Different people handle break ups differently.
RollerCoasterRide said on
It took me a long time to figure it out, but letting go of the unhealthy relationship I was in ended up being one of the best things I ever did. It was incredibly difficult to let go, but he never loved me the way I needed him to and I had to be the strong one and walk away. He was too much of a coward to do it himself.
SmoothOperator said on
Sometimes you need to let go situations that no longer serve you and a break up in unhealthy relationship is needed to move forward in your life. Be sure that when a goor closes a new one opens for you, though you still cannot see it. Be strong and make the step to release yourself from old patterns and live your dreams :)
DrAlice said on
I do not think a break up necessarily moves people ahead in life. It is more the relationships that people have that make them grow as a person. For example, just because someone married their high school sweetheart and have only had one romantic partner does not mean that they know less about life than someone who has experienced romantic heartache. Some people are fortunate to find their “other half” early on in life, while others may have to search. But neither of their experiences diminish their growth. It is the people that come and go in your life (romantic or otherwise) that help shape their future.
Halbert said on
A break up can be the best idea depending on the relationship. Explore and dig deep to discover if that is what you both truly want and need. Sometimes the relationship just requires some more attention and time given to it with an undivided heart. But, it can also be a good idea to end the relationship sometimes if it is not a compatible one or you can’t reach a place within it to have real and honest conversations. If there is anything blocking you from doing this with each other then it may be time to take a break. You will have a fresh start and yes get to reflect, learn, and move ahead.
OliviaG said on
If you can honestly say that you have tried everything, for as long as you possibly could, then sometimes breaking up with someone is the only thing to do. However, if you decide to end it make it a clean break. Don’t give the other person false hope, don’t keep texting or emailing them. It is cruel and selfish and doesn’t give either party permission to move on and begin to heal.
JasenA said on
If you are not in a healthy relationship, break up will deffinately help you moving ahead in life :) Be prepared to live through it as usually break ups are turbulent and know that itis for your own good. Be strong!
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