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Can you help me save my marriage from everyday issues?

Can you help me save my marriage from everyday issues?

3 Answers

Halbert Answered:

Everyday issues in a marriage are usually caused by communication issues at the root. For everyday issues to go well excellent, consistent communication is absolutely key. Break down the common problems you are running into and tackle them one by one. Create systems that work for the both of you, not just one. Make sure that you are both heard in your thoughts and ideas from the other one. Designate a weekly time, if not daily to sit down and run through all the details of your day to day lives that need to be worked and talked through. If you need additional help, ask for it from a set of good friends.

Pepper Answered:

Discussing everyday issues in a clam, win-win way like you are a team is essential. Little problems can become monumental issues if left unresolved. Try to mention the problem in just a few words, without accusation. Be honest and don`t try to manipulate your partner. Accept that they may have a different point of view to you. Look for ways that you can both get what you want.

LoveCoach Answered:

What do you mean by everyday issues? I can definitely help, but need more information! I wish for you a life filled with Gratitude, Abundance, and Passion!

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