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How to propose for marriage?

How to propose for marriage?

6 Answers

JasenA Answered:

You know her best, know what she likes. For ideas you may ask her best friend. It's really important does she like attention or not. You can organize a flashmob for the proposal in her favorite caffee or in the park. Ask her friends for help :)

BestBuddy Answered:

Look her in the eyes and ask her to marry you :)

Halbert Answered:

To propose you can go with a low key common way with dinner, wine, and scrumptious dessert or you can go the route of doing something completely out of the box. This could be something like leaving just enough cereal in the bottom of her favorite cereal box with the ring in it, leave it hanging from the mirror in her car to see when she gets in it in the morning, putting it around the bottom of her toothbrush taped in place, or wearing the ring around your neck on a chain waiting till she figures it out. There are so many creative ways to propose or it can be a simple gesture of your love for her that is special and meaningful to just the two of you.

MayaPhD Answered:

Mansfield, when you are ready to propose marriage, find the place and time that will be most comfortable for you and your partner. Focus on each other and don't necessarily have a big production. Tell your partner how much he or she means to you and how much you value, admire and cherish them. Talk about your hopes and dreams for a future with your partner. Then,ask your partner to marry you.

Christie Answered:

Find our from her family and friends what she has said that she'd like. They are the best sources of information about your special lady's dream proposal if you're completely clueless. If you want to keep it a complete secret, think about what she loves to do and incorporate that into your proposal.

RollerCoasterRide Answered:

Every girl is different and you have to remember that when you’re planning to propose. I like attention so for me a public proposal makes the most sense. I want as many people as possible to know that I’m about to marry the man I love! A restaurant, an amusement park, a baseball stadium, an airplane with a sign on it—something really dramatic!

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