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Can you suggest some love tips?

Can you suggest some love tips?

2 Answers

Halbert Answered:

To be loving means to put your partner above yourself. A couple tips to bring love into the relationship include to provide your partner with the opportunity to share themselves- including their hopes, dreams, desires, inner most fears, thoughts, and joys, figure out your partners love language or two and use those. Love languages can include acts of services, words of affirmation, affection/physical touch, gifts, quality time, or active listening. Pay attention to the details of who your partner is and show sincere interest to go deeper into love.

PabloZ Answered:

I guess you mean tips on how to build a loving relationship. Be the person you would like to date (or be married to). By that I mean, be honest, reliable, trustworthy, loving. Be compassionate and understanding. Keep your word. Don't expect your partner to make you whole; only you can do that. Allow your partner to be themselves without trying to control them. Give them space to have other friends as well.

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