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Does asking marriage counseling questions help?

Does asking marriage counseling questions help?

3 Answers

Halbert Answered:

Asking marriage counseling questions can definitely help a relationship. They are designed to help a couple to dig deep in relation to one another and their feelings and thoughts about themselves, each other, and the two of them together as a unit. Having questions to draw each other out and help guide a conversation are ideal in a relationship when you are stuck in a marriage rut. Sometimes just a twist in how you already tend to do things in your marriage can change things up and help them to flow again. True conversations can hopefully start at this point.

MichelleM Answered:

It is sometimes difficult to be objective when you are in a highly-emotional situation. An impartial third person can see the situation more clearly and help you to find solutions that might otherwise occur to either of you. It also shows your partner that you are willing to be reasonable and that you are trying to see their point of view.

LoveCoach Answered:

Yes they need to have some real open communication before you consider getting married, and if it is too late for that, then you need to learn how to discuss issues now...there is no such thing as too late....what exactly are you struggling with in your relationship? I wish for you a life filled with Gratitude, Abundance, and Passion!

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