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How to save your marriage when your wife does not want to?

How to save your marriage when your wife does not want to?

6 Answers

Tomalter Answered:

To make a marriage survive requires dedication of both partners. If your wife is not approving of your relationship anymore then please get separate. Do you think you will be able to save your marriage alone? If possible try for some reconciliation sessions to give it a last try. Else, move on!!

JasenA Answered:

I'm afraid you are not going to like my answer but I'll give it to you, hoping that mine and others above will raise your awareness and help you accept the facts. There isn't any way to save your marriage since your wife doesn't want to be part of it any more. The best you can do is to separate.

LindaL Answered:

Dear Lindsey, it takes two for a relationship :) You don't need t be with someone who doesn't want to be with you! Just let go, sign the papers and give yourself time to heal before entering a new relationship. It happens, no need to search for guilt or any other bad issues, just let go and give life chance to meet you with your soulmate :)

Halbert Answered:

If your wife doesn’t want to save your marriage it must be pretty miserable for her. It may not seem that way outwardly, but inwardly she must be really struggling hard. The best thing to do is do everything you can to make sure that you have given her the space to let all of her thoughts and feelings out that she needs to. Acknowledge her thoughts and feelings in response, but don’t respond with your own thoughts and feelings until she is completely done and you have shown her that you love all the ins and outs of her and want to do what it takes to keep your marriage together.

Amy-Kate Answered:

I am not sure if it is hopeless but it is certainly very difficult if one party has decided that it is over. You could ask her if there are any conditions which would make her reconsider. You could ask her to list the problems as she sees them, and relly lsiten to what she ahs to say. But from personal experience, by the time a wife decides that she really has had enough and is not prepared to go on, it is usually too late.

Whiterabbit Answered:

I´m sorry but in this case I think there is no hope. if one of the partners doesn´t want the relationship any longer it´s better to divorce.

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