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How to meet new people and make friends with them?

Answers (10)

kleonrose said on
Making new friends can be one of the most fun experiences in life, especially if you love getting to know people. You will have to go out  and make sure it's to locations that'll have the kind of people you want to associate yourself with. Be friendly, but not desperate. Make sure to keep in touch with those people you do meet. Don't force it, let it happen naturally.
Charlize said on
You can also find friends online if you're a shy person or if you don't have the time to go out and meet people. Just make sure that you screen the person before you meet them, and that they are who you think they are. The best way to do this is to use well respected/ reviewed/rated sites.
RollerCoasterRide said on
I love taking classes in my neighborhood! Sometimes they have classes at the adult school or sometimes at the community college. I like the ones where it’s just once a week for an hour. I ask my husband to watch the baby so I can go to the class and when I come back I’m in such a good mood because I got to spend time with some new friends doing something I enjoy.
The best way to meet someone new is to find an apparent common interest and then approach them initiating a conversation about it. From there, get her or him to talk by asking a lot of questions. Offer relevant information about yourself, but most importantly help them to feel that you are genuinely interested in them and a friendship. Usually you will know pretty quickly if you are meant to be friends. Most people who end up being close in the end, start off clicking well from the get go and conversation flows naturally. But the number one thing is showing your interest in who they really are.
MayaPhD said on
The best way to make new friends is to go out and do things that you like. Pursue your hobbies and interests and you will meet like-minded people who share your interests. Be enthusiastic when you meet someone new and invite them to events or activities that you know they will enjoy so you can develop your friendships.
PabloZ said on
You may already know people who could become good friends. Perhaps there are acquaintances that you never really get a chance to spend time with? People at work can also become good friends. Get back in touch with old friends that you have lost contact with - sites like Facebook are excellent for that. Be friendly and chatty wherever you are and join classes or groups where like-minded people gather.
rainstarry said on
Friendships are essential for a healthy social life and mental well-being. There are many places and ways to meet new friends, here are some suggestions. You can consider taking a class where you can meet a new friend while learning a new skill. Or consider volunteering at a charity of your choice. The great part about these options is that you can definitely meet someone like-minded.
BestBuddy said on
Follow the cultural afish and attend interesting events :) I agree with rainstarry that friendships are essential for a healthy social life and mental well-being :)) My proposal to all written above is cultural events and sport activities. And smile :) That naturally attracts people to you!
beautifullife said on
Simple, do the things that you love and make sure there are people with you too! Be confident and don't be afraid to express yourself! Get out there and introduce yourself to other people, and try to make small talk at first. Also, be you from the start and you'll find genuine friends and not just acquaintances!
JasenA said on
I can recommend you travelling :) It's a very good way to meet new people and make them friends, see new places, try new things :)
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