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What are common relationship problems?

Answers (5)

Oceanlover said on
Every relationship has it's problems, some not as serious as others. It may just be constant bickering, nagging, pet peeves which irritate you from time to time or the big ones that I've listed below:
1 Cheating/ lack of faithfulness
2. Dishonesty
3. Lack of trust
4. Lack of respect
5. Lack of communication
Charlize said on
I would say that oceanlover has summed it up pretty well. But to add to the list, I'd say, a lack of privacy or space, an unsatisfying, dull or boring sex life, not making the relationship a priority and lack of support (mental/emotional) are things that could definitely bring about problems or the destruction of a relationship.
TheDetailedDiva said on
Sadly, I think money is a big concern for couples. I think sometimes everyone gets caught up trying to live a life they can’t really afford and debt just piles up. It’s really easy to put things on a credit card and forget about it until it’s too late.
Common relationship problems can range from small ones to large ones. Most relationship problems are related to communication. Either one partner communicates too much and the other too little or they both don’t communicate enough. They can be related to finances, time spent together, kids, life decisions, and many other things, but if you look at the root of all of these things, it’s mostly always a breakdown in communication. Other relationship problems can include criticism, judgment, difference of values and beliefs, one person shutting down, someone becoming defensive, or just someone not feeling truly accepted and cherished.
USCMiguel said on
Common relationship problems include but are not limited to trust, life priorities and family.

Trust can easily be missing in a relationship and you have one person suspicious of the other. They try to be controlling and finding out where they are and who they may be with. They will also try to look through their computers and smart phones simply because they are missing trust. It can go as far as accusing the other of being involved with another person. That hostility is unnecessary in a relationship.

Life priorities are a huge common problem. Often two people want different things in life. One might want a family and to travel while the other is focused on their career to buy a home. Sometimes there are people who need to have everything planned and people who just go about life randomly without a target. That can be problematic for a couple trying to build a life together.

Family is also relevant and common because it’s hard to have a relationship with a person who’s family doesn’t enjoy your company. Their religion may be different or their customs may not agree with the other person. Likewise, family can create expectations for the significant other that may be unrealistic or impossible and it can result in creating friction in the relationship. It can be the reason why you may not want to visit your significant other if it means having to deal with their family.
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