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Need wedding proposal ideas. Please help!

Need wedding proposal ideas. Please help!

2 Answers

Amy-Kate Answered:

If you want to go all-out, propose in a hot-air balloon or underwater when scuba diving. A friend organised a giant banner to be placed on the landing site when he and his girlfriend went sky-diving. Another friend proposed when walking along the beach in the rain, with the two of them sharing a raincoat. Choose something unique to you as a couple or to her as a person.

Tucker Answered:

Here are some ideas for a wedding proposal. You can make handmade ones. Get a bunch of helium balloons that you say are for a friend but have “Will you marry me?” written across the front of different ones with either a letter or word on each. Make a paper fortune teller and ask her to play with you to bring back childhood memories. Write the proposal on one of the tabs. Cook her a favorite meal at home and place them ring inside her favorite homemade dessert. Or, spell the proposal out in glow in the dark stickers on a wall or ceiling with a candle light dinner.

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