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Can you tell me how to date an older women?

Can you tell me how to date an older women?

6 Answers

Westnew Answered:

I didn't date an older woman before, I suggest you to try some online dating sites or apps, some target older women younger men dating field. 

DrAlice Answered:

Women, especially older women appreciate mature men. This isn't to say that a younger guy doesn't have a chance, because I'm sure that there are exceptions, but he would have to be very emotionally sophisticated in order to sustain her attention in a long term fashion. Now, if both parties are interested in having something more casual then I think the woman may be willing to overlook any shortcomings in exchange for fun and attention.

Tucker Answered:

Depending on who the woman is, dating an older woman could either be an easy pursuit or a rather challenging one. To date an older woman you must present yourself as someone mature and at her level of maturity and status in life. Present yourself with something attractive to offer her and dazzle her with your wisdom and knowledge. Most importantly demonstrate extremely genuine and sincere interest in her and who she is as a person. Doing these things will lead you on the right track to dating an older woman but it will take a lot of personal reflection and effort.

RollerCoasterRide Answered:

I think dating an older woman would probably be very hard for a young guy if he wasn’t attractive or had money or was really smart. Older women are looking for one thing: someone to sleep with or someone who is really mature. I guess my advice would be to put a lot of energy into how you look or make yourself really interesting.

Charlize Answered:

If you want to date an older woman, you should be confident, independent (unless you want a sugar momma), be energetic (make her forget the age difference, don't mention the age difference (or make a big deal out of it), be a dominant male and be strong. You need to be prepared for all the laughing and staring that will most likely happen (from close minded people).

InLoveWithLove Answered:

Older women who date younger men tend to want them to be: 1. a bit more mentally mature 2. very physically attractive 3. a good head on their shoulders 4. very emotionally supportive If you possess these qualities, I'm sure you'll be able to win any lady over but you must remember to be yourself during this entire process or you will end up being unhappy, despite getting the lady that you were looking for.

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