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Girls are flirts!

Hi, I don't want to offend anybody but I feel I can't trust girls.
Most of them are simply flirts who just want to sleep with you but go out with someone else the moment they get the chance, even while they are with you.
All they want is to be at the next crazy party! This makes me seriously think about remaining single.
It is the best thing, atleast you don't get hurt and be fooled everytime!

1 Answers

Walter-White Answered:

Son, you probably need to travel. Your experience must have been limited to a few girls when you wrote this thing. It is sad to hear that someone did such a thing to you. But you need not conclude something in the form of a memorandum on women/girls. There are different type of men and women in this world. If you keep on searching for your kind of girl, you will definitely be able to find her one day.

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