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What are the seven vows of marriage?

What are the seven vows of marriage?

4 Answers

Beautifullife Answered:

Cool! I've never ever come across this till today. I guess this is similar to the Western culture, where we recite vows at a wedding, but we are a little bit more flexible with it. Thanks InLoveWithLove, Forester & christoph345, for the information! I think it would be even more interesting to see a couple in the midst of reciting all these vows because I'm sure there are some corresponding actions to go along with these vows!

Christoph345 Answered:

Accprding to a google search, the seven vows are part of a Hindu wedding, and are essentially vows that denote the roles, responsibilities and expectations of a Hindu husband and wife. This can be considered as the most sacred part of a highly religious wedding, and without it makes a marriage incomplete.

Forester Answered:

The seven vows of a Hindu wedding aren’t like Western wedding vows. They’re identified in the ceremony as “steps” the couple will take together, including: · Promising to uphold a pure and nourishing diet · Developing the couple’s physical, mental, and spiritual powers · Increasing their wealth by righteous means and proper use of money · Acquiring knowledge, happiness and harmony by mutual love and trust · Asking to be blessed with children · Increasing their self-restraint and longevity · And lastly, a promise to be true companions and lifelong partners The couple take these “steps” literally, as they walk in circles around a sacred fire during the ceremony.

InLoveWithLove Answered:

1) The first vow says, the bride and the groom would provide prosperity as a household to the family and would stand against those who try to hinder. 2) The second vow says ,the bride and the groom would lead a healthy life by developing their physical, mental and spiritual. 3) The third vow says, the couple would earn a living and increase by proper means, so that their materialistic wealth increases manifold. 4) The fourth vow says, the married couple would respect, love & understand each other and would acquire knowledge, happiness and harmony. 5) The fifth vow says, the couple would expand their family by having healthy, brave and honest children, for whom, they will be responsible. 6) The sixth vow says, the bride and the groom should have self-control of the mind, body and soul and should have long marital relationship. 7) The seventh and the last vow says, they promise that they would be true and loyal to each other and would remain companions and best of friends for the lifetime.

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