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What are vows in a marriage?

What are vows in a marriage?

7 Answers

Hyman4 Answered:

Marital vows are sacrosanct oaths sworn before the couple’s church, friends and family, and God. These words, spoken at the altar in front of the congregation, represent a solemn commitment that the couple must endeavor to uphold throughout the rest of their lives, so people put a lot of time and effort into choosing and/or writing them. Each religion has its own traditional vows, but these days a lot of folks have decided that they can feel more engaged and committed to their vows if they write them themselves. That’s why you see so many different versions of wedding vows nowadays.

PatriciaWilson Answered:

Wedding vow is the belief of you about your wedding and love to your partner.

Forester Answered:

Vows taken at the altar are sacrosanct. They represent a solemn oath that couples make to one another in front of God, their family and friends, and the Church. This covenant may be the most important contract/agreement that individuals make in their whole lives, and couples often spend days or weeks deciding on exactly what commitment they’re going to make to each other. There are several versions of the traditional wedding vows for different religions, but in recent years it’s become more popular for couples to write their own. This allows them to make their oaths more personal, and for many, more realistic.

COLLINS Answered:

Vows are almost like a business contract, but much more sacred and special. Vows are something that you can go back to each year (or more often) in your marriage and "check in" to see how well you and your spouse are keeping vows.

TORRES Answered:

Vows are words you say aloud to one another in the presence of your wedding guests at witnesses - promises you make to one another. There are traditional vows, but many couples write their own vows these days. You have the option about the vows you would like to use, and they are important commitments that you make to your spouse.

Twocatsonedog22 Answered:

Vows are promises that the couple makes to each other. These vows can be traditional, or couples may choose to write their own vows.

Stargazer Answered:

The promise to accept and love the other as he or she is, to support and protect each other, to always seek to understand the other person, never to be untrue, try to meet the needs of the partner and to stick to each other in rough times.

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