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How can I get marriage counseling?

How can I get marriage counseling?

2 Answers

Denzel Answered:

First, you’ll need a referral to someone who can help. Consider if you know any friends or family members who have been through marriage counseling. Ask them about their experiences, and if they would recommend their marriage counselor to others. You can also ask for a referral from yourprimary care physician or other doctor, or even your religious leaders. Before you settle on a marriage counselor, though, be sure to consider your goals and needs, and ask the counselor some questions so you can get to know them. Both spouses should be comfortable talking with the counselor if you are to be successful.

Cottoncat Answered:

By making an appointment with a marriage counselor, a psychologist or therapist who is specialized in marriages. You will find all the counselors nearby on the internet.

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