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How is a family therapy session conducted?

How is a family therapy session conducted?

3 Answers

Bradon Answered:

Most family therapists will talk to the whole family at once. The family will be encouraged to talk about a recent conflict while the therapist facilitates or “moderates” the conversation. Moderating is a supervised process of communication that establishes certain ground rules so that all family members feel emotionally safe, and stopping harmful communication if and when it happens. They may offer some observations on the family dynamic and give suggestions for how each person can make small changes to improve family relations. If there are glaring psychiatric issues such as abuse, neglect, addiction, and so on, the family counselor will advise treatment.

Jonesfamilyof5 Answered:

Family therapy creates a safe environment for everyone in the home (and sometimes an extended family member) to express their thoughts and feelings without fear of judgment.

Barnowl Answered:

In a family therapy session all the members of a family are being asked and heard. Sometimes the session will concentrate on one person but in general every member takes part. The therapist will also give his suggestions and advices and show you methods how to put them into action.

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