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How can family counseling help me?

How can family counseling help me?

3 Answers

Bradon Answered:

Family counselors have special training in familypsychology, behavioral norms and negative communication patterns. They know what kinds of personalities will mesh or clash, and they understand how different members of the family might interpret situations differently, based on their personality type, role within the family, or the individual’s own history. They can help parents understand how their child is feeling, or help a child understand a parent’s motivations, and generally help bridge the gaps in the family that often leave people feeling hurt and isolated. As long as the family members have a genuine desire in improving relationships, a family counselor can be a very effective solution.

Jonesfamilyof5 Answered:

Family counseling can help parents understand the actions of their children or repair strained relationships within the family unit.

Barnowl Answered:

It helps me and my family by supporting me with advice during hard times. The therapist will be able to offer tools and methods to each family member to improve their family situation.

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